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Speed - News Detail - 2014 Nov 11

Concluded the track competitions in Rosario

2014 November 11
FIRS President Aracu: "I am very glad to see that, in this first part of the World Championships, ten Countries from 4 Continents won Gold Medals. It means that the effort we are putting in the development of speed skating is starting to produce the results we hoped."

The third day of competitions was the longest one in Rosario: due to the bad weather, it was not possible to compete on 9th and the finals were postponed to day after.
Soon in the morning, with a look on the sky hoping that the rain will not came down again, the semifinals for 500mt sprint Junior and for 1000mt inline Senior took place, followed by the first finals of the day.
In the 500 mt sprint Junior, Colombia confirmed its strenght with the two Gold Medals won by Yesenia Escobar and Edwin Estrada. In the ladies competition, Min Jeong Park from Korea got the Silver and Yarubi Bandres, from Venezuela got the Bronze, whilst in the men competition the Venezuelan Johan Guzman won the Silver and Simon Albrecht, from Germany the Bronze.
It  was then the turn of the Seniors to compete in the 1000mt inline. The ladies competition was won by Hellen Andrea Montoya from Colombia followed by Thum Nareike from Germany and Soo Ji Jang from Korea. In the men competition, the fight for the Gold Medal was all in "Bleu" with Alexis Contin winning on his fellow countryman Ewen Fernandez just for a handful of hundredth of seconds. Ezequiel Capellano from Argentina gained the third step of the podium.
The long distance competitions closed the morning with the Junior 15.000 elimination and the Senior 10.000 points/elimination. In the Junior ladies, Sandrine Tas from Belgium won over the two Colombians, Luz Karime Garzon and Fabriana Arias. In the Junior Men, Colombia won the Gold and the Silver Medals with Manuel Saavedra and Fabian Valencia, third the Italian Giuseppe Cistola. Again Gold for Colombia int eh 10.000 p/E with Johana Viveros Followed by Mara Arias, from Argentina, and Ho Chen Yang (Chinese Taipei). In the men competition, Patxi Peula (Spain) stood out and won the Gold over the Colombian Alex Cujavante and Ewen Fernandez (France).
In the afternoon, the schedule competition followed as it was supposed to be with the 500mt sprin Senior, the 1000mt inline Junior and the 3000m relay. And again, Colombia confirmed its strengh in the shor distance winning the Gold Medals three more Gold Medals: Edwin Estrada in the 1.000 Senior men, followed by Shao Chun Chuang (Chinese Taipei) and Quentin Giradeau (France), Andres Munoz won the Gold in the 500 sprin Senior Men, followed by Pedro Causil (Colombia) and Elton De Souza (France) and Yersi Puello won over Hellen Andrea MOntoya (Colombia) and Erika Zanetti (Italy) in the 500 sprint Senior Ladies. In the 1000mt inline Junior Ladies, Sandrine Tas (Belgium) dominated over the two American Darian O'Neil and Franchesca Bell.
The Junior Ladies 3000 relay podium saw the Gold for Korea, followed by Colombia and China. The Junior Men competition was won by Venezuela, followed by Italy and France. China won the Gold in the Senior Ladies, followed by Argentina and Korea. The last competition of the day was the 3.000 relay Senior Men won by France: Silver for Argentina and Bronze for Korea.

Follow this link for the complete Official Results
Here the Photogallery - credits by Luis Ramírez

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