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Roller Speed Skating World Championships 2018

  • Date: Sunday, 30 October 2016
Dear friends,
I am happy to present the bidding application of the FIRS Roller Speed Skating World Championships, the most important international event for this discipline, that combines the athletic movement with the pathos of exciting competitions and that electrifies so much men and women, boys and girls in many countries of the world.
Every year these Championships get a resounding success: anywhere in the world this event takes place , it is always expected and followed by thousands of people, not only in terms of audience present on the stands but also as audience connected to the FIRS Web TV which broadcasts exclusive all the competitions of the Championships. The  streaming  broadcasting  of  the  World  Championships  of  all  our  disciplines, integrated  and supported by the most popular social networks has been followed by millions of people all over the world.
Hosting a World Championship is also an opportunity for the Organizer country to promote its image, its own culture and its own tourism: along with the national team and the people directly involved from over 60 countries, a great audience of aficionados go to the Organizer city to follow his heroes so that about 4,000 people are alternated in the local hotels and restaurants in the two competition weeks.
Recent  statistical  studies  show  that  30%  of  the  participating  athletes return with their family and / or with their friends in the city where they stayed as athletes to share with others their positive experiences.
Everything is therefore an important economic activity both during and after the development of the Championship. Precisely for these reasons, FIRS wants that the Roller Speed Skating World Championships reach levels of organizational excellence and offers its full support to ensure that the Federations, that will decide to organize it, can realize a spectacular edition; only in this way they and the Host cities will be able to draw benefits from the event and will be able to repeat in the future a similar or even a greater experience.
Great visibility , opportunity to increase tourism , considerable revenues are just some of the reasons for deciding to participate in this application process. FIRS  aims  high  for  the  organization  of  its  World  Championships, which  are  the  highlight  of  every discipline and which therefore need to be an unforgettable experience for all the participants!
Sabatino Aracu
FIRS President

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