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WRG2017: Italy leads the World Artistic Championship

  • News: Artistic
  • Date: Friday, 08 September 2017

The 2017 World Roller Games continue in Nanjing, China, with Senior Long programs and Couple Dance with their free dance.

Photo credits by Raniero Corbelletti

Great suspance in the Wutaishan Gymnasium for the final match between Italy’s and Spain’s freeskating. The event looks wide open with a strong group of contenders that can all grab the title.
Silvia Nemesio took her second World title in Senior Ladies freeskating producing a strong performance on traditional chinese music. She opened her program nailing a perferct triple lutz-triple rittberger combination; silver for Spain’s Monica Gimeno Coma who today skated a disappoing long program; bronze for Itlay’s Silvia Lambruschi performing to a passionate Bizet’s “Carmen”.

Great show for Men Long program event, where Italy won everything. Luca Lucaroni took his second gold medal with a flawless performance of Fred Astaire and his tip tap, showing powerful jumps, speedy spins, good footwork and interpretation. Andrea Girotto, World Champion in 2015, finished second with an amazing and original long program, Alessandro Amadesi, World Champions 2014, came third producing a strong performance to a machine that becomes human.

In Junior Couples the free dance confirmed the style results: Portual’s Josè Cruz and Daniela Dias claimed the gold medal skating  an excellent program, Italy’s Daniele Da Col and Chiara Martinotti danced to Muse and Coldplay music a very fluid performance and took the silver, Luca Orsetti and Alessia Orsi obtained the bronze skating the most elegant program of the day.
In Senior Couple dance Anna Remondini and Daniel Morandin of Itlay claimed their first gold medal together performing to the olimpic dream for rollerskating; silver for Italy’s Silvia Stibilj and Andrea Bassi with an amazing “La La Land” where they put their heart in it, bronze for Portugal brothers’ Jose Souto and Mariana Souto performing to Lady Gaga who sang about violence against women.

Tomorrow competitions continue with quartets and pais short programs.
Complete results available here:

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