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Artistic Seminar successfully held in Shanghai

  • News: Artistic
  • Date: Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Hosted by the Chinese Roller Skating Association and Sports Federation of Shanghai Huangpu District, World Skate Seminar for Artistic Roller Skating was organized in Shanghai, China.

More than 70 judges, coaches, and athletes coming from China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Iran and Australia joined the seminar focusing on new rollart system and roller dance.

Guoyong Liu, World Skate Asia President attended the opening ceremony, he expressed his gratitude to World Skate and local federation for their supports, and he said that World Skate Asia has become an important part in world roller sports arena and will contribute more for the development of roller sports worldwide.

Thanks to the coordination of Norio Iwakata, the TC member of World Skate and Central Committee member of World Skate Asia, the seminar was finally opened in Shanghai. Nicola Genchi, Chairman of World Skate Artistic Technical Commission, together with Lorenza Residori and Anna Remondini made excellent lessons to all participants in three days’ seminar. As Mr. Genchi said, it is the first time that such kind a seminar of artistic was held in Asia and it is a good opportunity for the promotion of artistic roller skating in this area.

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