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  • Date: Wednesday, 03 September 2008
The International Stage of Roller Skating for athletes and trainers organised in Roccaraso (LAquila Italy) by the International Federation of Roller Sports, and the Italian Federation of Hockey and Roller Skating is a time of great innovation, that has gained a great consensus by the many participants arrived from every corner of the world.
This initiative promoted by President Sabatino Aracu with the objective of making available all over the International Roller Skating, the know-how gained from the Italian School in so many years of study, has been able to grasp the needs of a diverse range of components of our environment (trainers, athletes, managers, parents) with effective responses, that were able to go beyond the time to technical-vocational update, pure and simple.
The purpose was to check with the people of skating a different relationship from the past, a closer collaboration, that would feel all participating and protagonist of a great event, creating a model of communication which saw the Italian School of Roller Skating make available its knowledge without the attitude of those, who want to give lessons.
The International Stage required a great organizational effort in preparing the massive amount of educational material (issues and audiovideo) delivered to the trainers, the provision of simultaneous interpreting, the coordination of the various speeches, that took place in the Conference Room of the Municipality of Roccaraso and in sport facilities, in which athletes, during a very intense week, have trained followed by the Italian National Team.
There have been many significant moments: the more than two hundred young champions on the rink to receive the certificate of participation, the delivery of the certificates to the trainers, the final Grand Gala, which saw all the skaters protagonists together with champions as Tanja Romano, Roberto Riva, Luca D'Alisera, Emanuela and Marco Bornati.
The Gala was a sort of appetizer for the Opening Ceremony of the European Championships Cadets and Youth, which have brought in Abruzzo over 150 athletes representing their countries of Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Slovenia, Netherlands and Italy.
Sara Locandro, in the dual capacity as head of the Italian School of Roller Skating and President of the Organizing Committee, expresses great satisfaction: "The idea of promoting the International Stage just before the European Championships is part of a very ambitious project, that aims to bring together in one big event the various components of skating: the technical update, the enthusiasm of young talents to the first steps in this so
fascinating discipline, the show, the international competition, the possibility of combining sport and tourism.
We had the fear of making up the longer leg but finished the Stage, when we are half-way, I can say that the bet was won. We had Australian, New Zealander, Argentine, Spanish, Germans, even Iranians trainers, and the fact, that so many coaches have faced so long travel to follow our lessons, is a certificate of estimate, that fills us with pride.
I must say that Roccaraso, although this is not a novelty, has proved once again to be an ideal location for the events of skating, all foreign guests found themselves well, have appreciated the beauty of places and even the cooking and have already asked if we will repeat the initiative also next year.
I must thank the many people, who in these hectic days are collaborating with us, but especially the International Federation, which has supported this project and the Municipality of Roccaraso that always welcomes us with great courtesy and unrestricted availability. "

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