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  • News Inline Downhill  - 
  • Date Wednesday, 18 April 2018  - 

During the meeting, the workshop of the commission has been focused on the current development of the two disciplines.

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  • News Inline Alpine  - 
  • Date Tuesday, 05 September 2017  - 

It has been a very challenging competition for all Teams. Gladly, today the weather conditions were much better than the days before. The surface of the track was completely dry during both runs. (Photo credits and news: Jana Borsig)

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  • News Inline Alpine  - 
  • Date Monday, 04 September 2017  - 

Today the World Roller Games in combination took place. Combination means that there is one giant slalom run and one slalom run which will be added up for the end results. As yesterday the weather conditions were quiet challenging for the athletes. Both runs took place on wet surface. (Photo and News Credits: Jana Borsig)

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