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WRG2017 Inline Freestyle: Extraordinary performances by China and Russia on this second day

  • News: Inline Freestyle
  • Date: Friday, 08 September 2017

Technique, precision and elegance is the perfect equation that could describe today’s performances in classic slalom. Both Junior and Senior Women showed amazing programs characterised by choreographies and costumes that matched the music in a perfect way, creating a real show for the audience. (Photo Credits by Wong Sau Wai Carroll)

In the Junior Women category, Sofia Bogdanova (Russia) won the competition. Her program, created by Kristina Lysenko and ice figure skating choreographer Ilya Averbukh, left the audience astonished. She is just 12 years old but she showed confidence and an impressive technical level, so high that she could be competitive even between Seniors.
The podium was completed by Bao Yi Fan and Qin Yu Qing from China.

Between Senior Women, the real queen of Classic Slalom is Feng Hui (China). She amazed today with a perfect performance, executed with such a confidence that she was singing her music during her run. Perfect tricks and combos, a tailor-made choreography and elegant movement allowed Feng Hui to step on the highest step on the podium. The second place was given to Daria Kutnetsova (Russia) : her Classic run was smooth and with a very high technical level but some missed tricks and some kicked cones stopped her on the way to the first place.  Su Fei Qian (China) got only the third place due to a bad fall in the 50cm line.

While women’s peculiarities are elegance and precision, men showed strength and energy in their classic runs. However, despite Russian and European skaters fought with great effort for the podium, China and Chinese Taipei are the leaders in Classic slalom, both in Junior and Senior category.
The winner of the Junior Men, Gu Kun Qi (China), included in his program combos of spins and tricks with ease and simplicity. The silver medal was won by Taiki Shibagaki (Japan), who showed great speed of execution of difficult tricks and a good, energetic style. Chang Wei-Jen (Chinese  Taipei) performed a clean run but unfortunately, a missed combo left him at the third place.

In the Senior Men category, Zhang Hao’s classic run included two 4-tricks combo on the first lines and his smooth execution let him lead the competition from the beginning. Ye Hao Qin, on the contrary, showed a good but not perfect performance and got the second place. At the third place, Hsieh Mu-Lun (Chinese Taipei) performed a classic run characterised by strength and energy with martial arts moves as part of his choreography.

On September 9th the competition will be live on

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