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Asiago/Roana 2016: Senior Men and Junior Women now on the rink

  • News: Inline Hockey
  • Date: Monday, 20 June 2016

After the past week Junior Men and Senior Women World Championships that has been won, respectively, by Czech Republic and Canada, It is now the turn of the Junior Women and Senior Men categories.


Today the Hodegart Arena hosted only the Senior Men teams and the opening match was between India and Iran. Since the very beginning it was quite clear that the Iranian equipe had that extra oomph, both at individual technical skills level and in the team strategy: the scoreboard showed an unambiguos 0-10. The following match was a Commonwealth derby between Australia and Great Britain for the first victory that should help on the way to the quarter finals: Great Britain easily won over the Australians. It was then the turn of Mexico and Czech Republic: despite of the 16-0 final score, Mexico really pushed hard but there was no chance for them to get the better of the defending World Champion. The last match of the morning was more balanced: France took the lead since the beginning but Argentina did not give up and at the end of a though game, "le Bleu" won 8-4.


In the PalaRoboaan, there was a too wide gap between the teams playing and it had clear effects on the final scores.

The Spanish Junior Ladies easily won over Mexico 6-0: the excellent goalkeeper Sandoval avoided a wider score gap bloking more than 50 Spanish attacks. In the Senior Men following matches, Netherlands won over Macau 14-1 and Chinese Taipei 22-0 over China: the difference between the teams in the rink was too undeniable to have balanced match. Due to Venezuela last second forfait, a 1-0 victory had been assigned to Poland.

PICS CREDITS Eddy Wegrzyn, Roberta Strazzabosco, Marco Guariglia

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