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Asiago/Roana 2016: round robin close to the end

  • News: Inline Hockey
  • Date: Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Whilst the morning matches in Asiago have been so thrilling, in Roana the technical gap between the teams in the rink made the games quite predictable.

Great Britain and Poland faced in a tough and amazing match for the Senior Men Pool E first position: Poland quickly took the lead by using the unfocused British defense, but was unable to capitalize the advantage and, at the end of the first time, it was a 3-3 tie. Back from the locker rooms, Great Britain seemed quite menacing and at 11.46, Pearman scored the advantage goal. Two minutes later, Owczarek sent the puck under Bradfield's leg and scored the 4-4: Great Britain summed up and at the end of the match won 6-4, gaining the first position in its pool.
It was then the turn of Germany and Sweden in a match that had to define the still uncertain ranking for the Pool D: the Scandinavians scored 3 goals in a row, but the Teutonics reached to reduce the gap before the end of the first time and the teams went to the locker rooms at 2-3. The match finished with a great victory by Sweden 8-4.
In the last match of the Pool F, Iran and Netherlands tied 2-2, but the Oranges reached the top of the pool thanks to their better goal difference.
The Junior Women closed the Hodegart Arena morning with the match Mexico vs Canada: it was a tie.The Mexicans scored at 17.35 thanks to Arechiga's goal and the Canadian Thacker tied at 38.31.


For the Senior Men tournament, the Switzerland's "goleada" against China opened the morning at the Pala Roboaan: 28-1. Canada had to play hard to beat a so fast Colombia: at the end of the first time the Maple Leaf team leaded 5-0, but it was not an easy game at all. The second half was more relaxed and the Canadians won 8-1.
The match between Macau and India was battle hardened: Macau won 9-1 but the Indians did their best to keep the game balanced.
The Finnish girls easily won against Great Britain, ruling the match since the very beginning and closing with a clear 12-1. The Spanish Senior Men were not able to hinder the Argentinians, so warmly supported by the audience in the venue, and lost 0-2.
It was then the turn of Latvia-Czech Republic: easy victory for the defending Champions who had to wait the match Italy - Mexico to know the leader of the Pool A.

PICS CREDITS Eddy Wegrzyn, Roberta Strazzabosco, Marco Guariglia

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