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WRG2017 Inline Hockey: Czech Republic in Senior Men and Canada in Senior Women defend their title.

  • News: Inline Hockey
  • Date: Thursday, 07 September 2017

It's semis time in Nanjing. Who'll win the medals? The race begins tomorrow at 2.30pm, live on Women first, with Spain – Czech Republic and Canada - Usa. Men to follow, with Czech Republic – Italy and France- Canada. Today's men quarter finals results: Italy – Latvia 8-1; Canada-Switzerland 7-1; Czech Republic-Colombia 10-1; France-Spain 4-2. (Photo Credits Marco Guariglia)


Italy dominated the first quarter final scheduled today. Latvia seemed tired and paid the price, especially in the second period. Italy missed some chances in the beginning. Then found the net two times in twenty seconds to take control of the game. Latvia scored his first (and only) but Ustignani made the third for Italy taking his own rebound. It's 3-1 after 20 minutes. First part of the second period was a Bellini-show: the italian defender scored twice, with two “coast to coast”. Then all was done. Italy won 8-1, changing the goalie in the last ten minutes: “Unity is our strenght – said Facchinetti, who played 30 minutes in net for Italy – today we had great effort especially from the third line. We're looking forward for the Czechs, with respect but without any fear”.

Canada beat Switzerland 7-1, suffering just for the first ten minutes and allowing the only goal down with 33 seconds left to play. It was superstar Dave Hammond to break the game with two beautiful goals. “It was close in the beginning – said canadian veteran Frederick Corbeil – but then everything went ok for us. They were more aggressive in the second period, it's normal when you are down. But we didn't lose our control”.

Czech Republic is a goal-machine. Ten (to one) against Colombia. Are they stoppable? Italy will try tomorrow but it's really hard to find weakness in the Czechs' game. Their power play is incredibly fast and accurate: “The guys are doing great things – said coach Martin Mecera – they know each other well, because this is 90% the same group that won World Games”.

Last quarter final was the most balanced one. A crazy six goals first period put the French side ahead 4-2 on Spain. Spain missed two clear scoring chances on 0-0, then France scored with a great play by veteran Gabillet. The second came from a long distance shot. Spanish captain Porqueras put his team on track shooting under the armpit of french goalie. Just a couple of minutes passed and France took the double lead again with a power play goal. Spain answered with a blocker side shot by Requena . And then again, with just 10 seconds to go, Crignier scored 4-2 for France with a nice deflection. “That's the worst moment to get a goal against – said Porqueras – in the second period we did our best but they were good on controlling the puck. Coming from the second division, we did a good job here in Nanjing. Now we want the fifth place”.


5.30 pm Czech Republic - Italy

7pm France - Canada

Placement Pool schedule (8 sep.)

8.30am China – Germany

10am Japan – Brazil

11.30am Colombia – Latvia

1pm Spain-Switzerland

2.30pm India – Korea

4pm Usa – Sweden

5.30pm Chinese Taipei - Argentina



QF1 Italy – Latvia 8-1 (3-1)

Scorers: 11.18 Tombolato (I), 11.39 Ustignani (I), 13.25 Grauds (L), 19.49 Ustignani (I), 23.14 Bellini (I), 27.25 Bellini (I), 35.46 Ustignani (I), 36.21 Barsanti (I), 37.34 Tombolato (I)


Italy: Facchinetti, Frigo, Vendrame, Pistellato, Munari, Carrer, Barsanti, Bellini, Rossetto, Lettera, Dal Ben, Ustignani, Comencini, Ferrari, Sommadossi, Tombolato.

Latvia: Daksa, Grauds, Cimermanis, Batraks, Velspals, Sprukts, Velspals, Kilmkans,Purvins, Voitescuks, Taurins.

QF2 Canada – Switzerland 7-1 (3-0)

Scorers: 13.46 Hammond (C), 16.10 Hammond (C), 16.29 Goodfellow (C), 20.52 Evans (C), 22.38 Hammond (C), 29.51 Goodfellow (C), 33.10 Oosterveld (C), 39.27 Hafliger (S).


Canada: Servos, Cobb, Carr, L'Heureux, Goodfellow, Herder, Vilio, Hammond, Furlong, Mendelsohn, Garb, Corbeil, Virtanen, Oosterveid, Evans, Rhodes.

Switzerland: Siegenthaler, Zurcher, Hafliger, Muller, Gerber, Zehnder, Brack, Hunberbulher, Steiger, Rudisuli, Berger, Dietrich, Gerber, Di Biase, Hunziker, Kuttel.

QF3 Czech Republic – Colombia 10-1 (4-1)

Scorers: 2.06 Fiala (Cze), 5.20 Sem (Cze), 9.52 Rios (Col), 15.22 Krudenc (Cze), 16.31 Simo (Cze), 23.53 Sebek (Cze), 31.46 Sem (Cze), 35.09 Cik (Cze), 36.13 Krudenc (Cze), 37.45 Chamrad (Cze), 39.31 Simo (Cze).


QF4 France – Spain 4-2 (4-2)

Scorers: 7.28 Crignier (F), 13.48 Tijou (F), 15.46 Porqueras (S), 17.32 Duclos (F), 18.07 Requena (S), 19.50 Crignier (F).


France: Salley, De Preval, Bouchut, Gabillet, Tijou, Crignier, Albert, Horrut, Duclos, Lapresa, Clement, Ladonne, Langlois, Rage, Hamon, Fontanille.

Spain: Ros, Ballester, Cabalin, Cabalin, Porqueras, Toores, Jimenez, Ribes, Pons, Ballester, Tomas, Requena, Del Rey, Tomas.

Placement Pool:

Usa – China 17-1

Brazil – Argentina 0-2

India – Hong Kong 1-0 (FORFEIT)

Macau – Korea 3-5

Germany – Sweden 3-6

Chinese Taipei – Japan 9-6


2.30pm Spain – Czech Republic

4pm Canada – Usa

Placement Pool schedule (8 sep.)

8.30am Korea-India

10am Australia - France

11.30 China – Argentina


Placement Pool:

China – India  4-1

Australia – Italy 0-1

New Zealand  - France 2-1

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