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  • Date Saturday, 18 June 2016  - 

In the late afternoon, the 2016 World Championships Opening Ceremony took place in the Asiago Hodegart Arena. The Bassano BlueSpiritual Band played before the exhibition match between the Senior Men teams of Canada and Italy: the parade of the 28 Nations that will attend this second half of the 2016 Worlds was followed by the greetings of the FIRS and local authorities.

Roberto Rigoni Stern, Mayor of Asiago, did the honors: On behalf of the town of Asiago, I welcome all you, athletes and coaches, and the organizers of this great event. I hope these World Championships will be the chanche of friendships and sport integrity between Nations". In the words of Cristiano Corazzari, Regione Veneto Assessor Council "On behalf of the Veneto President, Luca Zaia, I wish you to enjoy our wonderful region: We are glad to host here in the Altopiano atheltes coming from all over the world and speaking the same sport language. The Mayor of Vicenza, Achille Variati, hoped that "all the athletes will be able to bring back to their home the coulours and the tastes of our region".
FIRS and FIHP President, Sabatino Aracu, closed the Ceremony and officially opened the Worlds: "This will be the most important international sport event hosted in 2016 in Veneto and we decided to dedicate the 22nd edition of the Inline Hockey World Championships to the memory of the numerous fallen of the World War 1."
The performances of Andrea Girotto, World Artistic Champion, the Pairs Junior World Champions, Isabella Genchi e Alberto Peruch, and the Apam Maser Group delighted the audience attending in the venue.
Starting on next Monday, 22 Senior Men teams and 7 Junior ladies equipe will play for the Gold Medals.

PICS CREDITS Eddy Wegrzyn, Roberta Strazzabosco, Marco Guariglia

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  • Date Friday, 17 June 2016  - 

The afternoon of Friday 17 June invites all hockey fans to the Hodegart Arena to watch the last games of the first week of the 2016 World Championships.

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  • Date Thursday, 16 June 2016  - 

The penultimate day of the 2016 FIRS World Championships in Asiago/Roana first decide the fifth to eighth positions of the teams that lost the quarterfinals yesterday.

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