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WRG2017 Rink Hockey: Spain is the new World Champion

  • News: Rink Hockey
  • Date: Saturday, 09 September 2017

The craziest final ever closes the Rink Hockey World Roller Games. Argentina got the bronze against Italy. France wins the Firs Cup and Israel triumphs in the Confederation Cup.

After 4 years from the last title won in Luanda in 2013, Spain won again the World Championship winning 5-4 after penalties an incredible game against Portugal, It's the 17th title for Spain.
Spain-Portugal has been one of the most balanced World Championship Final of the last years. And even one of the most intense; really an amazing game with a dramatic end.
During the first half, Spain prevailed and scored twice with two similar goals. The first after 6 minutes with a shot by Raul Marin and the second 2 minutes before halftime with a shot diverted by Jordi Adroher. Xavi Malian, the Spanish goalkeeper, saved all the shots and the opportunities created by Portugal.
The match changed at the beginning of the 2nd half. Portugal entered the rink very determined and draw in less than 5 minutes. A great shot by Helder Nunes halved the gap and a perfect power-play action led Gonçalo Alves to tie the match after a blue card to Jordi Adroher and the error of Helder Nunes on the direct free shot.
The referees showed a second blue card to Reinaldo Ventura, but Raul Marin failed the direct free shot and Spain didn't score during the 2-minutes power play.
Spain went ahead thanks to a goal scored by Edu Lamas who shoot twice towards Girao, scoring the 3-2 goal.
In the last 10 seconds many things happened. Girao, the Portugues goalkeeper was suspended with a blue card because he went on a player outside his penalty zone. Raul Marin failed the direct free shot and went to the corner to get the ball committing a foul on Diogo Rafael that the referees punished with a blue card. With 4 seconds still to play, Helder Nunes failed the direct free shot and the first rebound, but scored on the second in the last second of the game, leading the final to the extra time.
At the beginning of the extra time, Spain didn't score in power play. Portugal reached 9 fouls without committing the 10th and the last shot by Diogo Rafael hitched the post at the last second.
At the penalties, Portugal scored first with Joao Rodrigues, but in the last two penalties Spain came back and won: first Edu Lamas tied and Albert Casanovas scored the penalty that gave the title to Spain.
Before the Final, Argentina got the third place and bronze medal winning against Italy 4-2. This final too was very balanced: the result was 2-2 until the last two minutes, when Argentina completed the come back (Italy was ahead 2-1 at halftime) and won the game and the bronze medal.
The Firs Cup went to France that won the final against Germany 6-4. Israel won the Confederation Cup.

World Championship - Longjiang Gymnasium
Final 7th/8th place
Chile vs Mozambique 9-7
Final 5th/6th place
Colombia vs Angola 1-5
Final 3rd/4th place
Italy vs Argentina 2-4
Final 1st/2nd place
Spain vs Portugal 5-4 after penalties

1st - gold medal and World Champion - Spain
2nd - silver medal - Portugal
3rd - bronze medal - Argentina
4th - Italy
5th - Angola
6th - Colombia
7th - Chile
8th - Mozambique

Firs Cup
Final 7th/8th place - Tech University Gymnasium
Egypt vs Usa 1-6
Final 5th/6th place - Tech University Gymnasium
Macao vs South Africa 2-7
Final 3rd/4th place - Longjiang Gymnasium
Austria vs Netherlans 3-5
Final 1st/2nd place - Longjiang Gymnasium
Germany vs France 4-6

1st - France
2nd - Germany
3rd - Netherlans
4th - Austria
5th - South Africa
6th - Macao
7th - Usa
8th - Egypt


1st - Israel
2nd - India
3rd - Japan
4th - Australia
5th - Taipei
6th - New Zeland

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