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The Intercontinental Cup is back!

  • News: Rink Hockey
  • Date: Thursday, 14 December 2017

Reus will host a "special edition" on Friday 15 and Saturday 16

The Spanish city of Reus is going to host the 17th edition of the Intercontinental Cup which usually opposes the yearly winners of the Euroleague and of the Copa America. In Reus the Cup will be assigned in a slightly different way: a Final Four between Reus Deportivo, SL Benfica, Andes Talleres and Concepcion PC. This is because FIRS didn't organize the final of Intercontinental Cup last year between SL Benfica (2016 Euroleague champion) and Andes Talleres (winner of the Copa America in the same year).
Now, the new World Skate Rink Hockey Committee, led by its Chairman Mr Carmelo Paniagua, has decided to invite the four winners of the two last season in a single competition.
The Intercontinental Cup of Reus will be the first trophy assigned in rink hockey in the era of World Skate, the new brand and name of the International Federation.
The semifinals are scheduled on Friday, December 15, in the "PavellĂł OlĂ­mpic": at 7.30 PM CET the winners of 2016 SL Benfica (Portugal) and Andes Talleres (Mendoza, Argentina) and at 9.15 PM CET Reus Deportiu (Spain) and Concepcion PC (San Juan, Argentina). The Final is scheduled on Saturday 16 at 5.00 PM CET.
All the matches will be broadcasted live on World Skate TV
The tickets are on sale online on Ticketea (

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