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WRG2017 Rink Hockey: pairings of the quarter finals defined in World Championship and Firs Cup

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  • Date: Wednesday, 06 September 2017

The Senior Male tournament of Rink Hockey reached halfway today when the group stages ended. On Thursday, after a day-off, the quarter finals will be the first step towards the title.

Argentina, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Mozambique, Chile, Colombia and Angola: Saturday night, one of this eight teams will be the new World Champion of Senior Male Rink Hockey.

The World Roller Games go straight towards the hottest days for the Rink Hockey Senior Male tournament. Today, the 16 teams participating into the World Championship and Firs Cup ended the group stage, determining the pairings of the quarter finals. France and Germany closed at the 4th place in groups A and B of World Championship and will play the play offs in Firs Cup. On the other side, Angola and Colombia won their groups in the Firs Cup group stage and will play for the main title.

The four games played today in World Championship groups were all fundamental for the final ranking. Spain-Mozambique and Argentina-Italy to define the first and second positions; Chile-Germany and Portugal-France to avoid the last place. 

Argentina and Spain won their third game in a row and ended the group stage with maximum points. The victory of Argentina against Italy was large and clear, while Spain defeated Mozambique with only one goal of advantage. Chile to won easily with Germany and got its place for the quarter finals, while Portugal qualified after a dramatic game with France, decided during the last five minutes when France went ahead for the first time during the match and Portugal came over and won 6-5, avoiding a surprising elimination.

Tomorrow, the rink hockey stops for the habitual day-off between group and knock-out stage. On Thursday, the decisive phase will start with the quarter finals: Chile-Italy, Angola-Argentina, Spain-Colombia and Mozambique-Portugal. All the games of the quarter finals will be broadcasted live on



World Championship - Longjiang Gymnasium

Group B - Chile vs Germany 7-3

Group A - Argentina vs Italy 6-1

Group B - Spain vs Mozambique 3-2

Group A - Portugal vs France 6-5


Group A: Argentina 9, Italy 6, Portugal 3, France 0

Group B: Spain 9, Mozambique 6, Chile 3, Germany 0

Firs Cup - Longjiang Gymnasium

Group B - Usa vs Netherlands 4-8

Group B - Angola vs Egypt 24-1

Tech University Gymnasium

Group A - Colombia vs South Africa 19-0

Group A - Macao vs Austria 3-13


Group A: Colombia 9, Austria 6, South Africa 1 (-21), Macao 1 (-25)

Group B: Angola 9, Netherlands 6, Egypt 3, Usa 0

Confederation Cup - Tech University Gymnasium

Israel vs New Zeland 16-3

India vs Taipei 5-2

Japan vs Australia 4-2


Israel e India 7, Japan 6, Taipei 3, Australia 2, New Zeland 0




World Championship - Longjiang Gymnasium

Quarter Finals

12.30 CST - Chile vs Italy

14.30 CST - Angola vs Argentina

16.30 CST - Spain vs Colombia

18.30 CST - Mozambique vs Portugal

Firs Cup

Quarter Finals

8.30 CST - Germany vs Macao (Longjiang Gymnasium)

10.30 CST - Stati Uniti vs France (Longjiang Gymnasium)

10.30 CST - Netherlands vs South Africa (Tech University Gymnasium)

12.30 CST - Egypt vs Austria (Tech University Gymnasium)

Confederation Cup - Tech University Gymnasium

14.30 CST - New Zeland vs Australia

16.30 CST - Taipei vs Israel

18.30 CST - India vs Japan

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