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WRG2017 Skateboarding: Qualifications under a stunning Chinese Sun

  • News: Skateboarding
  • Date: Friday, 08 September 2017

Blessed by stunning sun and blue sky, Skateboarding Vert World Champ qualification went off today for Men. Thirty seconds, this is what skaters had to encapsulate their best tricks in a perfect routine. Three chances to get their best run scored by the  international panel judging the event. (Photo Credits by Piero Capannini)

Moto Shibata (21), from Osaka Japan, lead the qualification with an amazing run mixing tech and tradition. Amplitude, style and tweaked aerials got along with an incredible “front foot impossible melon” toward a well deserved 87.89 top score run.
Paul Luc Ronchetti from Great Britain took second spot with hyper-extended “Judo Aerials”, flip variation and an overall solid style.
Tate Carew, despite his young age of 12, showed an impressive variety of trick ranging from tech stuff like “gay twist heel flip indy”, to solid spins variation the such of Judo 540.

Top contenders for tomorrow’s final are Clay Kreiner (4th - USA) and Marcelo Bastos (USA) which struggled through to his third run when he finally pulled out a blasting performance worth a 5th place.

Among the other young riders Ale Mazzara, from Italy is worth a mention for his effortless Cab 720 toppin a clean routine in his second run. Good overall performance from the vert veterans Rune Glifberg e Joke Olsson both making the finals.

Tomorrow it final’s day, womens contest will go off at 12:30

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