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WRG2017 Skateboarding: Writing History

  • News: Skateboarding
  • Date: Saturday, 09 September 2017

It’s a wrap for skateboarding at Nanjing’s Vert world Championships. The 9th of September 2017 will be remembered in the history of as the date of the first official medals awarded to a Skateboarder.

The final day of Skateboarding at Roller Games kicked off with Women Finals: Four 30 seconds run, best counts. Poppy Starr Olsen from Australia took the lead in the first run and kept improving from there. Poopy brings back down under a gold worth routine filled with stylish aerial, inverts and a perfect gay twist. Arianna Carmona contested fiercely for the top spot but, despite pulling together solid runs, din0t went but a 85.50. Good FS air, well pulled Handretch plants and an overall powerful feel granted her a second place. Polish rider Amelia Brodka went for Bronze handling a clean run with lots of finesse. 80.76 her score to the lower spot of the podium.

As girls were dipping into their runs weather seemed turning for bad, and rain seems about to happen. Race director took the decision and contest was bumped up on hour on schedule: it was than Men taking the ramp by storm the ramp. Paul Luc Ronchetti went solid pulling Madonna as no one else, big Aeriel, fives and topping his best last run with a perfect bigspin flip indy. The British skater took third place with a well deserved 89.57.

Marcelo Bastos bested his qualification run bringing together an exciting routine filled with every sort of rotation and a signature Nollie Hell 540. The US skater held tight run by run trying, to grab a first place that actually never happened. At the end of the day Bastos got Silver with 91.59 points.

Top spot, and the first ever official gold medal for male skateboarding, went to South Carolina very own Clay Kreiner. No question asked: Clay skated like no one else in Nanjing’s finals. Speed, style, amplitude, spins, technique everything came together in one masterpiece run where Kickflip Mctwist body varial was just the icing on the cake.

Good job for the youngsters Ale Mazzara (8th - Italy) and Tate Carew (5th - USA) of whom you can be sure will be hearing more and more in the future. Nice runs, yet never perfect, for Moto Shibata (JPN) and his incredible front foot impossible variation.

That’s it that’s all. Is in the books. See you in Barcelona for next skateboarding appearance at World Roller Games.

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