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World Skate launches its new logo

  • News: Skateboarding
  • Date: Thursday, 30 November 2017

Following the Congress’ resolution on last September in Nanjing (China), the FIRS has changed its denomination to World Skate, the first step towards a managerial set up attentive to the needs of its base.

World Skate officially presents the new logo: months of hard work have led us to this first step towards the complicated path to the establishment of a managerial and forward thinking Federation where institutions and grass-roots organizations cooperate for the development and promotion of the values and ethics of sports and the skating world.

World Skate: a simple, direct and clear brand that undoubtedly can express the Federation’s mission. Starting from the wheel, emphasis has been put on movement rather than on the object, in order to highlight the sense of freedom and the speed of our disciplines. The colours green and grey reference the Federation’s eco-friendly and urban calling, highlighted also by an energetic and exciting typography. The result is a brand that definitely represents World Skate’s generational target.

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