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Cross Competition Test in Terni (Italy)

  • News: Speed
  • Date: Wednesday, 08 July 2015

During the Italian Road Roller Speed Skating Championships hold in Terni on the last weekend, the Cross Competition Test took place.

It has been since the meetings with coaches and athletes in Rosario and Nanjing in 2014, that FIRS is analyzing new formats to make more and more exciting the competitions.

In the words of Mr Aracu, FIRS President, to the athletes testing the circuit: "I have to say thanks to all of you. I cannot tell you that this the best solution or the best kind of ramps we could use: I can only say that this is the very first attempt to introduce some really changes since a long time. You, here, are helping us to write a new page in the history of this discipline. Thank You!"

Below some pictures - credits by Maurizio Lollobrigida (FIHP - SIRI)

Click here to watch the full test competition on FIRS WebTv

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