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  • News Roller Freestyle  - 
  • Date Saturday, 07 April 2018  - 

We’re delighted to be landing in Japan just in time to catch the cherry blossom season. Hiroshima looks magical and the historic location of the event makes this stop feel extra special.

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  • News Skateboarding  - 
  • Date Friday, 06 April 2018  - 

Competitive Skateboarding has thrived for decades and many organization, both public and private, built different programs and professional Judges. World Skate's aim is to enhance what skateboarding already built spontaneously, sharing experiences to structure a Judging program that is universally agreed and accepted. ISJC workshop will take place in China from the 17th to the 20th of April.

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  • News Artistic  - 
  • Date Wednesday, 04 April 2018  - 

The Custoias Public Sportshall will host the Internacional Dance (solo & couples) competition since 4 to 7 April.

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  • News Speed  - 
  • Date Thursday, 22 March 2018  - 

"We thought that this role could perfectly fit both Andrea and Andrés: two great champions with an impressive, long-lasting and fair international skating career" said World Skate President Sabatino Aracu.

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  • News Speed  - 
  • Date Wednesday, 14 March 2018  - 

The updated 2018 Regulations have been released and a new layout for the speed skating track has been introduced.

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