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George Pickard, a Titan of roller sports, passed away

  • News: FIRS
  • Date: Wednesday, 23 March 2016

In the words of the FIRS President Sabatino Aracu, "With deep emotion I learned of the death of George Pickard, a milestone in the world of Roller Sports and of the USARS. The news has left us very sad.

I am sure that all who have had the opportunity to meet George, and experience his strength and qualities in the several roles he has held in the USARS and in the FIRS, have been deeply struck by this sad announcement. The Roller Sports world has lost both a man and a leader of great value. He has dedicated his life and his professional skills to the service of our sport, for its spread and development around the world. On behalf of the FIRS Executive Board and the entire world of roller sports, I extend my deepest condolences to his family and to the entire American Federation."



“Titans and Heroes of American Roller Skating”

Passed into Titan history on Sunday, March 20, 2016

George Pickard’s rich history began as a judge, coach, and emanated to Sports Administrator of the RSROA, Editor of “Skate” Magazine, and Executive Director of USA Roller Sports. He directed the largest Roller Skating organization in the World when skating was at the height of visibility to the public. Ultimately, he became the first American appointed Secretary General International Federation of Roller Sports (FIRS).

George was a skilled organizer who desired no recognition. He liked to make things happen for athletes and coaches. He was very successful in his endeavors to make everything appear seamless to the public.

Much of what is now available in competitive skating is the result of his direction and support. He was an important part of the men and women who became “icons” in our sport. Icon is described as a “model or representation.” Mr. Pickard served as an excellent representative for competitive athletics and a model of what organization and strength can offer.

We celebrate the history George helped create and write in Roller Skating. He will be fondly remembered for the ages. A Titan is described as

“One who stands out for greatness of achievement”

George Pickard was a TITAN

· 1941 Recreational Skater - Detroit, Michigan - Arcadia Roller Rink

· 1945 - 1948 RSROA Competitive Figure Skater - Detroit - Arena Gardens/Arcadia

· 1946 - 1956 RSROA Amateur Judge, Tests and Competitions - Figure & Speed Skating

· 1956 - 1961 SRSTA Teacher - Detroit Arcadia and Cleveland Rollercade

· 1961 - 1972 Sport Administrator - RSROA Staff - Detroit and Lincoln, Nebraska

· 1967 - 1988 Managing Editor - SKATE Magazine – RSROA - Detroit and Lincoln, Nebraska

· 1972 - 1988 Executive Director Roller Skating Rink Operators Association - Lincoln

· 1973 - 2001 Resident Agent/Corporate Secretary - USA Roller Sports (Volunteer)

· 1984 - Present Member of USARS Hall of Fame Selection Committee

· 1988 - 2001 Executive Director USA Roller Sports (Staff)

· 1980 - 2005 Secretary/Treasurer National Museum of Roller Skating (Volunteer)

· 1981- Present Secretary/Treasurer US Foundation of Amateur Roller Skating (Volunteer)

· 1982 - 1990 Secretary General - International Federation of Roller Sports (FIRS)

· 1994 - 2000 Executive Committee Member - FIRS Inline Hockey Discipline (CIRILH)

· 2000 - 2008 President FIRS Inline Hockey Discipline (CIRILH) (Volunteer)

· 2000 - 2008 Member FIRS Central Committee


Visitation: Wednesday, 5:00 – 8:00 PM at John A. Gentleman Mortuary, 14151 Pacific Street, Omaha, NE 68154 - Phone: (402) 391-1664

Funeral Services: 11:00 AM on Thursday at St. Stephens, 16701 “S” Street, Omaha, NE 68135. Luncheon to follow.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the National Museum of Roller Skating. Go to the website: Under “add specific instructions to the seller” please indicate, IN REMEMBRANCE OF GEORGE PICKARD.

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