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WRG2017: What an amazing day in Nanjing!

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  • Date: Thursday, 07 September 2017

It is hard to mention all the emotions that our athletes offered to the audience, in the venue and at home. Just to be short: Rebecca Tarlazzi (Italy) won her first title in Freeskating and enchanted judges and audience; in inline and rink hockey the semifinals had been defined; Fabriana Arias (Colombia) and Nolan Beriaff (France) set up new World Records in the 20.000mt Elimination; the Asian Countries marked the inline Freestyle competitions and Skateboarding had the very first Antidoping Seminar ever.

Below a quick brief of the competitions: fore more info, go to the discipline News section.

The 2017 World Roller Games continue in Nanjing, China, with compulsory and style dance for Junior and Senior Couples and the best groups in Junior Long programs.

Inline Freestyle
Despite a very slippery and humid floor that caused some problems to many skaters, this competition has been dominated by Asian countries, especially Iran, China and China Taipei. In this competition Iran and China won their first medals at the World Roller Games and left many experienced skaters astonished by their performances. These countries managed to get better and better in a very short time: who last year was considered as a not-so-dangerous opponent, today demonstrated to be as strong as the most famous names in the Speed Slalom scene.

Inline Hockey
It's semis time in Nanjing. Who'll win the medals? The race begins tomorrow at 2.30pm, live on Women first, with Spain – Czech Republic and Canada - Usa. Men to follow, with Czech Republic – Italy and France- Canada. Today's men quarter finals results: Italy – Latvia 8-1; Canada-Switzerland 7-1; Czech Republic-Colombia 10-1; France-Spain 4-2.

Rink hockey
While Spain and Portugal easily won their game in the quarter finals, Italy and Argentina had a hard time to qualify for the semifinals. It has been a very thrilling day at the Rink Hockey World Roller Games in Nanjing. The quarter finals of the World Championship hold a lot of emotions for the unexpected balance in some games.

Moving toward the last weekend of events, Skateboarding will debut. It's time for the first official Vert World Championship. Over 40 skaters from 20 nations showed up for an intense 4 days of contest. The event kicked off Wednesday a with two days of practices to be followed by two more of competition.

From track to road the spectacular races of the speed skating continue with the 100mt sprint for Junior and Senior, the 10000 points Junior and 20000 elimination for the Senior categories.
Full house today at the Nanjing Sport Training Center where kids, passionate and athletes from other disciplines came to enjoy the world of speed.

Video Highlights, Pictures & Results

Photo Credits
(Photo Credits Alpine: Jana Borsig)
(Photo Credits Artistic: Raniero Corbelletti)
(Photo Credits Inline Hockey&Roller Derby&Inline Freestyle: Marco Guariglia)
(Photo Credits Rink Hockey&Congress: Marzia Cattini)
(Photo Credits Speed&Roller Freestyle: Erika Zanetti)
(Photo Credits Skateboarding: Piero Capannini)

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