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WRG2017: towards an amazing end

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  • Date: Friday, 08 September 2017

Two days left for the first edition of the World Roller Games and the mind already goes towards the next step: Barcelona in 2019. Today the presentation of Barcelona has been officially made at the presence of media and authorities in the VIP room of the Longjiang Stadium. A clear project that focuses on the real passion and strong relationship between the City and all the skating disciplines. Barcelona wished also to thank Nanjing for have accepted to organize this first edition.

Below a quick brief of the competitions: for more info, go to the discipline News section. Follow the competitions live on


Great suspense in the Wutaishan Gymnasium for the final match between Italy’s and Spain’s freeskating. The event looks wide open with a strong group of contenders that can all grab the title.

Inline Hockey

You never forget the first time. So, for Italy or France, tomorrow can be the day to remember forever. They never won the gold medal in Senior Men World Championship. They both won silvers and bronzes several times. They wanted this final and deserved it. Today, Italians did the miracle, beating 3-2 the Czechs masters. France was perfect versus Canada (6-0). And now, for the first time ever, they will meet for the Holy Graal of hockey. Before that, another first time: Spain vs Usa in Senior Women. Usa, on the podium since the first edition, are looking for the seventh gold. Spain, who got three bronzes, is a debutant. It's Czech Republic-Canada for bronze, both Men and Women. Games will start at 1pm, men's final at 5.30pm: it's all live on

Inline Freestyle

Technique, precision and elegance is the perfect equation that could describe today’s performances in classic slalom. Both Junior and Senior Women showed amazing programs characterised by choreographies and costumes that matched the music in a perfect way, creating a real show for the audience.

Rink Hockey

In the semifinals of today, Spain and Portugal conquered the access to the decisive game that tomorrow at 18.30 will close the World Championship. France-Germany will be the final in Firs Cup. Israel won the Confederation Cup. The results of the semifinals day gave to Spain and Portugal the ticket for the Final of tomorrow. Spain won against Italy 4-0, but the real surprisingly result was the large victory of Portugal over Argentina, the defending champion, 5-0.


Blessed by stunning sun and blue sky, Skateboarding Vert World Champ qualification went off today for Men. Thirty seconds, this is what skaters had to encapsulate their best tricks in a perfect routine. Three chances to get their best run scored by the international panel judging the event.


A perfect sunny day with a light breeze during the evening made the show of the second day of road racing really enjoyable. Today was the turn of the 1 Lap race for both Junior and Senior, and then long distance races 10000 points for Seniors and 20000 elimination for Juniors. More record have fallen today in this fast and spectacular road circuit of Nanjing.

Video Highlights, Pictures & Results

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(Photo Credits Alpine: Jana Borsig)

(Photo Credits Artistic: Raniero Corbelletti)

(Photo Credits Inline Hockey&Roller Derby&Inline Freestyle: Marco Guariglia)

(Photo Credits Rink Hockey&Congress: Marzia Cattini)

(Photo Credits Speed&Roller Freestyle: Erika Zanetti)

(Photo Credits Skateboarding: Piero Capannini)

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